Sunday, November 29, 2009
I have declared from now until Christmas my "Crunch" time.  Why?  Two reasons...crunch the pounds away and crunch the budget.  Everyone I know has taken a hit on their income this year.  For our family, my place of employment went out of business in April and my husband had to take a 10% pay cut and pay an extra 40% in healthcare coverage.  Plus, he typically gets a VERY generous bonus before Christmas, which is not even a factor this year.  I have tried to step it up in my Thirty-One business, and it is growing, but needs to grow more. What is our plan?  As a family, we have all agreed to cut out fast food until Christmas.  My son will pack a lunch at least 2 days a week.  I will hit the gym at least 3 days a week.  Live from the pantry for at least 2 weeks. Grocery budget $30 a week until Christmas (this will help cover the veggies, fruit, milk, bread, and a few other stock pile items.)  I will have to get creative.  Anyone else want to join me in this CRUNCH?  It is always more fun to have friends go thru it at the same time.  Let me know how you are living from your pantry and what recipes you are cooking.  We all have many of the same items in our stock pile.

What are more goals over the next 25 days?
Save at least $500 one way or another 
Lose 5-10 pounds
Book one more Thirty-One party in December

Who is in? What are your goals?


  • mjafisk

    its so funny you post this mike and i just had this conversation this evening. We decieded no fast food also. and gave our selves a $40 grocey budget a week. our goal is to try and save 1200 by jan. 1st

  • mjafisk

    i mean 1200 by feb 1st so 600 a month

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