Kroger week of 11/30

Monday, November 30, 2009
*Remember, not all Krogers have the same coupon policy. My Kroger will double any coupon up to $1. If it is a $.30, it will double to $.60. If it is $.55, it will double to $1. Not all Krogers will double coupons over $.50.

Pillsbury Rolls and biscuits $1
Too many coupons to list. Makes most of them around $.80 each

Tennessee Pride Gravy
-$.55/1 from 11/15 insert

Gum Crayola Toothbrushes
-.75/1 MQ from 10/4 insert
=FREE (coupon expires today!!!)
Just went to the Kroger in Erlanger - they do not even carry the single pack.

Dial Handsoap
-$.35 MQ from 10/4 insert
=$.30 each (coupon expires today!!!)

Ivory Body Wash $1
No coupon, but I think this is a good deal, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Progresso Soup
-$.50/2 MQ from 11/25 insert
=$.50 each

There is a special Kellogg promotion on Tuesday only. Select Kellogg products will be 50% off. I will try to put a list together tomorrow for this sale, but I make no promises.


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