Meijer week of 11/29

Monday, November 30, 2009

If you are new to shopping Meijer, make sure you check out my old post in August regarding Meijer's coupon policy and using the Meijer Mealbox coupon in addition to a MQ.

Sargento Shredded Cheese
-$.40/2 MQ 11/15 insert
=$1.59 each, not the best price I've paid, but not terrible
If you get the All You magazine, there was a coupon for $.55 off Sargento cheese, making this only $.89.

Tyson Family Pack, breaded/boneless chicken (chicken nuggets, chicken patties, etc)
-$1 MQ from 8/2 or 10/11 insert
=$2.99 this is a good price

Kellogg's Rice Crispy Cereal
-$1 MQ from 11/8 insert
=$.88 STOCK UP!

Kellogg's Mini Wheats and Raisin Bran $1.88 each
$5.64 when you buy 3
=4.64 for 3 over my target price, but you decide

Knorr Rice or Pasta Sides $.89
- $.60/2 MQ from 11/15 insert
= $.78 for 2 =good price, but if you have more than one coupon, try this deal
$5.34 when you buy 6
- $2.60 when you use 3 MQ coupons (only first 2 will double)
-$1/5 Meijer Mealbox
=$1.74 for 6 bags!!!!! Or $.29 each!!!!! Stock up!

Eckridge Smoked Sausage
-$.55/1 Mq from 11/15 insert

McCormick Seasoning Packets (gravy, taco seasoning, etc.)
$1 for 2
$2 when you buy 4
-$1/4 Meijer Mealbox
=$1 for 4 or $.25 each. Great price!!!! Stock up!


  • NakiaW

    Just an FYI on the McCormick Seasoning there are .50/2 McCormick gravy packets I found on ebay making them FREE

  • angiedeatherage

    Ok, I went this morning and got some of these deals. Yea!! But here is my question...when a coupon says $1.00 when you buy 5, do you have to buy 5 each time you use a coupon? Or, can you buy 5 and use more than one coupon on just those 5?

  • Laura

    Angie- You can only use one coupon if it says $1 off 5. Some stores will only let you use the coupon if you buy 5. Other stores will let you use it, but only take off a certain amount off each item. For example, if it is $1/5, it would take $.20 off for each one you bought. That gets too confusing for me. If it says $1/5, I just buy 5 and stock up. It is much easier that way to keep it straight.

  • angiedeatherage

    Ok, I get that part. is that different from BOGO? I have heard that if it is BOGO, you pick up two and use two coupons to make it free (or a really great deal). Does that work differently?

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