Inventory Update

Saturday, January 23, 2010
If you head out to Meijer today for the cereal deals, please leave an inventory comment on this post. I hope they prepared for this and will have plenty of stock!

Has anyone checked Target or Walmart inventory for the All lately? Have to get mine today since it is the last day.


  • s.cammack

    sorry for the late post but i got there at 1pm (the earliest i could get there) and they were out of everything!! they definitely did not prepare well for this sale:(

  • Laura

    Yesterday was nothing but bad luck for me. Neither Target nor Walmart even sold the size All that was on sale at Big Lots. Meijer was out of stock on the cereal, and the coupons I had already expired. Even without a coupon, $.99 for cereal is pretty good. I came home with very little yesterday and a lot of wasted time.

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