Staples Deal - SWEET!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

For all of my friends out there that own your own business, this is a great deal!!! Even if you just need office supplies, you can't beat this! Hang in there, it is a little tricky. Offer valid through 1/9/10.

100 sheets of white address labels, normally $23.99, they are 1/2 off with this sale
item # 479880-LQ $11.99

Pen/highlighters 6 pack assorted colors, normally $3.49
item # 412783-LQ $1.69

Hammermill 500 sheet paper ream, limit 2, order 2
$6.29 each
-$1 instant rebate
=$5 each
BUT you can submit for an easy rebate of $4, limit 2 rebates per household

Avery Binders, order 4
$6.40 each
BUT you will get $6.40 each back in Staples rewards next month

Scotch pop up tape dispenser
-$1 instant savings
BUT you can submit easy saver rebate for $2.99, limit 1

Pentel Retractable gel pens
-$3 instant rebate
BUT you can submit easy saver rebate for $3.99, limit 1

Order a twin pack of computer ink or other item you need that is $20 or more
I ordered my ink for $31.

Make sure you have your Staples rewards # entered or sign up for the program

Total out of pocket I spent
-$25 when you spend $75 use coupon code #6233937290425841

Rebates you will get back
- $8 on paper rebate
-$2.99 tape rebate
-$3.99 pen rebate
=$14.98 back in form of a check made out to you

Staples Rewards - check you can use on anything in the Staples store, should receive in Feb
$25.60 for the binders
+ 10% of your ink cost, if you bought ink
(for me that is $3.10)

So, you can look at it like this...
$62.26 out of pocket
-$14.98 back in rebates
-$28.70 back in Staples rewards
=$18.58 WOW!!!!! This is all stuff I use all of the time! Now, wait until next month to roll over your Staples rewards on other items you might need. Too make it even better, recycle your old ink cartridges for more Staples rewards!

I forgot to also get free delivery. Mine came 48 hours after I placed the order!!!!


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