Finish Coupon and Walgreens

Sunday, January 3, 2010
If you haven't heard is how you can get your Finish Detergent for FREE

Walgreens has it on sale for $3.49
-$2.50 MQ that came today
You will pay $1 out of pocket, but you will get a $1 register reward to use on a different purchase. You can not use the finish reward to buy another finish product. However, this is how I usually do it if I am buying papers...

Buy each Finish box separately so that you get a $1 reward for each item.

Then, use the rewards to help you purchase your papers. You can also use your rewards to buy other items that have rewards. Just keep rolling them over and over.

I recommend going to Walgreens ASAP to do this. They will sell out quickly.


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