Sunday Coupon Highlights

Saturday, January 2, 2010
These are the coupons I see that I know I want and will use...

Finish $2.50 (This will go on sale for $3 sometimes. I was starting to wonder if we would get this Q again. I am down to my last 2 boxes, so I am probably going to buy extra of this coupon. So, some might ask what I mean when I say I am stocking least 10 boxes, probably 20. At $.50 a box, you can't go wrong. It also makes a great item to donate.)

Baked Chips $.55 - if you like these, I suggest getting several of the Qs. They don't come around often.

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $.50/2

Green Giant Steamers $.40 (will go on sale for $1, once Q doubles, makes it $.20 a bag)

Johnson's Baby product $1 - always buy the Johnson's Buddy Soap Bar - FREE

Quaker Granola Bars $.55/1 This is a good coupon. Most of them lately have only been off 2.

Reach Dental Floss - will go on sale for $1 sometimes at Kroger = FREE

Reach Toothbrush BOGO - great when combined with a deal at CVS or Walgreens

Stayfree BOGO - great when combined with a sale or deal at CVS or Walgreens

McCormick Spice or Herb - $.75 will go on sale for $1 at Kroger = FREE

Soft Soap $.35 - will go on sale for $1 at Kroger. Makes it only $.30 a bottle. Stock up. If you have kids, I suggest buying at least 10 bottles for your stockpile.

Here is my conclusion....I will buy 6 papers to get 6 coupons of each.
Ebay or coupon clipping service...
Buy 10 Finish MQ (and get at least 6 more given to me by a friend, giving me 22 total)
Buy 10 Baked Chips MQ
Buy 10 Quaker Granola Bars MQ
Buy 10-20 Reach Dental Floss MQ ( I donate a lot of these)
I already have plenty of Soft Soap, or I would buy more of these as well.

My favorite places to get extra coupons

They are both local, so I get my coupons within 24-48 hours.


  • angiedeatherage

    Wow! This is great info, Laura. I especially like the part where you told which coupons you were going to go ahead and stock up on. It helps a beginner out! Thanks!

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