Meijer 2.8.10

Monday, February 8, 2010
Since my doorstore ads never came, I am a little lost this week until I can head out to the stores to pick up a sale ad. For Meijer deals, I am directing you over to Saving Money Wisely.

Here are the things that looked good to me...
Hellman's Mayo
V8 Fusion
Mrs. Dash
DelMonte Tomatoes
Aunt Millies Bread
Breakstone Sour Cream
Dannon Yogurt Cups

The Meijer ad did have some "in store" coupons in their Sunday ad. Remember that you can stack a MQ with the in store coupon to get an even better deal.


  • sgerry

    Laura I can't use the feed for Saving Money Wisely can you send or post me the actual web address. Thanks

  • Laura

    Sorry about that. Sometimes I try to make it go straight to that post, and it won't work.

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