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Sunday, February 7, 2010

I was surprised to see so many good coupons in today's paper. The lists I saw in the coupon previews did not do it justice. How many papers did you buy today?

I will buy 4-6 (mostly for the $4 razor coupon since my stash is getting low)

Then, I will buy more of...
Betty Crocker Warm Delight - will be free at Meijer at some point
Sunny D= will make it only $.50 once coupon doubles
Coffee Mate Liquid Creamer = will be free at Meijer at some point
Quaker Oats - will make them close to free when paired with a good sale
Land O'Lakes - will equal free butter down the road (maybe at Kroger today only)
Joy dish detergent- will be $.70 or less a bottle
Betty Crocker Icing = will be free at some point
Bounty - Makes it $.50 a roll with the right sale
Crest - will be free at some point

My favorite clipping service did not get many of these in this week. I went to my favorite ebay lady, chachas-coupon-corner. She had most of them up already. I am sure she will add more as the day goes on. I will try to post a link, but sometimes the link does not post correctly.
Try HERE for chachas-coupon-corner on ebay


  • chittums

    I bought 6 used my Walgreens rewards and got them free!!!! Love the new look. Thanks Laura for all you do.

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