CVS Week of 2.7.10-Excedrin Update

Sunday, February 7, 2010

WOW! CVS is rockin' this week. If you are new to CVS, make sure you sign up for a CVS card.

Here is what I see....

Cover Girl Cosmetics BOGO 50% off.
Buy 2 Covergirl Face product - price unknown
Use 1 BOGO from today's P&G 2/7 insert
If you have another $ amount MQ, use one of those too
=The more expensive will be free, other one 50% off

Tide Stain Release 10 ct duo pack
$7.98 when you buy 2
-$3.99 when you use 1 BOGO Mq from 2-7 insert
-$1 off any Tide stain release MQ from 2-7 insert
=$2.99 for 2 GREAT DEAL!

Nivea - Spend $10 get $5 back in ECB, limit 1
Deal idea:
Buy 2 Nivea Lip Products at $2.99 each
Buy 1 Nivea body wash (this stuff is awesome) at $5.99
= $12
-BOGO Nivea Lip from 2-7 insert
-$2 MQ or the $1 Mq from the 2-7 insert
= $7 estimated out of pocket expense

You will get back $5 in ECB. This will be located on the bottom of your receipt and can be used like cash on your next purchase.

When this deal comes around, I usually do the following
Buy 2 Nivea Body Wash- smells GREAT and is good for shaving
-$4 when I use 2 $2 MQ
Get $5 back in ECB, like spending $1.50 per bottle

Roll those ECBs over to this second transaction
$8.99 Gillette Razor (limit 1)
-$4 MQ from 1-7 insert
Use your $5 ECB to pay for this item = no out of pocket expense. Depending on your cashier, he/she might make you stick another item up to go over the $5. If so, pick something VERY CHEAP!
Get $4 ECB good for your next purchase

Listerine Total Care limit 2
$3.99 each
-$1 MQ
Get $2 back in ECB, like paying $.99

You can roll over your $4 ECB from the last transaction by doing this...
$7.98 when you buy 2 Listerine Total Care items
-$2 when you use 2 $1 off MQ
Give cashier your $4 ECB and pay $1.98 out of pocket

Get $4 back in ECB. Save your ECBs for next week, use them to buy more Sunday papers, or use them to buy something else you need that we never get a good deal on. You can also roll them over on this Excedrin deal.

Excedrin - spend $15 get $7 ECB
We have coupons for $.75 of a 20 ct or $1.50 off an 80 ct. bottle. There is also a $2 HERE
I plan on doing this deal because I always need Excedrin.

I just got back from CVS, and I was amazed at the price of their 24 ct. Excedrin

I bought 3 24 ct for $5.49 each
-$6 when I used 3 $2 MQ from
I did get back $7 in ECBs. Like paying $1 a piece.

This isn't the best deal, but it is not bad if you are just looking to roll your ECBs.
Spend $15 on specified P&G products, get $5 ECB - limit 1
Deal idea:
Buy 4 Gillette body wash
-$8 when you use 4 $2 MQ from the 1-7 insert
Get $5 back in ECB
If you roll over the $4 from your last purchase, you would pay $4 out of pocket and get $5 back in ECBs.


  • mjafisk

    i was just there and didn't look at there excedrin but where they have those coupon printing machines now it prints of a $2 off excedrin coupon so it should make that much better of a deal right?!

  • Laura

    I used the $2 printable from It was still more expensive than if you could pair the $2 MQ with a good sale.

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