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Saturday, February 6, 2010
Email updates are now available! Look for the button in the sidebar to sign up for email updates sent each day (once per day) that updates have been made to this blog. You can also sign up to receive your updates via the reader of your choice.

Please note that should you select to receive email updates, you will receive an email that requires your attention before updates begin. Select the link confirming that you signed up for this service. You can always "unsubscribe" and know that this service is absolutely free of charge.

We now also have a Facebook Fan page - YAY! Show some love and become a fan. This is just one more great way to stay connected to all of the great deals. This is also a place to get little updates that may not be published here.

There are so many exciting things going on around here, so stick around. It's going to get fun!


  • Laura

    Love the new look Becky has helped put on the site. Big print and big pictures, but keeping it simple at the same time. I'm lovin' it! Thanks so much Becky!

  • mjafisk

    it looks great laura i excited for ya...

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