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Monday, March 15, 2010

Sorry I am so late on match-ups this week.  Sometimes life is so busy that I barely have time to make my own grocery list and go shopping. Many of times I will put the match-up on the blog before I work on my own personal list.  This week I have to do my own first. One thing that has caught my eye are the Hasbro games at Kroger.  These would make great Easter basket gifts, birthday gifts, or additions to your game night library.

Deal ideas #1
Hasbro Board Games - B2G1 free (Typically are from $12-$15 each)
Buy 3 for $24
-$15 when you use 3 coupons (need access to 2 computers) from 
=$9 for 3 board games!!!!!

Deal Idea #2
Card Games are B2G1 free
Buy 3 for approx $11
-B2G1 MQ from Sunday's USA Today
=$5-6 for 3 

Deal Idea #3
Card games B2G1 free
Buy 3, one of which must be Monopoly card game
-B2G1 MQ from Sunday's USA Today
-$5 MQ for any Monopoly game from
= Probably less than $1 for all 3

Deal Idea #4
Buy 3 card games- 2 of which are monopoly
-$11 approx
-$10 when you use 2 monopoly coupons from
=Probably less than $1 for all 3

Thanks hereswhatifound for showing me the playsaver coupons and working up her own deal!


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