Home Depot - Spring is here!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Home Depot has a great sale starting today and going through Sunday, but is only while supplies last. Here are a few of the highlights..

Select Gallon Shrubs 4 for $10 (normally $6.98 each)

Black Satin Mulch BOGO = $2.97 for 2 bags

Vegetable, Herb, and flower seed packets BOGO

Buy 1.33 Gallon Round-up Ready-to-Use Pump'n Go
$19.47 and get a FREE Gallon of Round Up Refill

To make your savings even better, go to Bigg's and buy a Home Depot $50 gift card and get $.15 pump perks. Then use your gift card to go purchase your deals. I hope the shrubs aren't gone!!!


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