Target - Raincheck Anyone?

Saturday, April 10, 2010
I wanted to share with you an email that one of my readers sent to me. I have never received a raincheck from Target, so I don't know their policy regarding them or how they go about honoring them. My guess is that it might depend on your cashier. However, Elise just went to claim her raincheck for the monopoly game, and she had a wonderful experience. It is so nice when a store goes out of their way to please a customer. Thanks Elise for sharing your experience.

I was one who didn't get to Target in time to snag the $7 Monopoly game ($2 with MQ) a few weeks ago, so I asked for a raincheck. When I returned today they were still out. The stock person was not sure they would be in prior to my coupon expiring 4/15, so she told me to get the "championship" edition and they would give me the same % off as the original. I thought it was a great deal even at ~$3.50! Then, even better, when I got to the checkout the manager approved getting that edition at the original $7 price since they would not have adequate stock in time! I didn't know they would do this. Might help someone who is waiting for those games to come back in.


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