Upcoming Coupons Sunday 4.18.10

Saturday, April 17, 2010
Want to know what coupons are expected to come out this Sunday? Go to either of these sites for a preview.

What catches my eye???
Ban Solid $1
Bird's Eye Steamfresh Vegetables $.5o(will be free once coupon doubles and paired with a $1 sale)
Chex Mix Bars $.50
Huggies Wipes $.50
Nature Valley Granola Bars $.40 (isn't there a Kroger catalina promotion with these?)
Oretega $.75/2 (I have used this coupon at Meijer before to get FREE taco seasoning)
McCormick $.50 (will be free at Kroger once doubled and paired with a $1 sale)
Purex 3 in 1 $2 (Great when paired with a BOGO sale)
Purex Liquid $.35 (I typically get this for $1.70 or less at Kroger with a good sale)

If you are looking to buy extra coupons, I would suggest the Bird's Eye and McCormick for sure. If you need to add laundry detergent to your stockpile, you should get the Purex coupons as well. I really was hoping to just order my coupons online again this week, but that is not going to be happening due to the variety of coupons we are expecting. As for me, I will probably buy 4 papers. Remember, coupons are regional. If you don't get the coupon you are looking for, check coupon clipping services or ebay to see if others have it. For example, I wanted the BOGO Silk Soymilk coupon from last week. No one in my area got it. However, I found a coupon clipping service in Florida that had the coupon. YEAH! Very cheap soymilk coming my way!


  • Help!!! I can't find the Birds Eye coupons. What site do I need to use to order? I have checked Kuntry Klippers, Taylors, and Coupon Clippers. Either I am missing them or I just can't find them. Thanks Sherry

  • Laura

    I found some on ebay for $.50/1. However, it excludes steamfresh. Either way, these will go on sale for $1. It seems like Remke has them on sale about every other week. I paid $2.24, including shipping, for 20. More will probably pop up on ebay later today. Since they just came out today, it will take some sellers until later today or tomorrow to post them. Good luck!

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